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Rainbow Springs Entry

See stunning flora and fauna in the heart of Rotorua

Set amongst beautiful native trees and streams, we are home to a huge variety of New Zealand's most precious inhabitants, plus The Big Splash ride! A fantastic place to take the kids.

TRG-T220 | Adults NZ $40.00 | Children NZ $20.00


You will see

  • A talking Kea!
  • Kiwi birds
  • Many other native New Zealand birds and wildlife
  • Native eels
  • Native trout
  • Tuatara lizards

The entire experience is built around New Zealand's largest and most successful kiwi conservation centre. Since 1995 we have released over 1,200 kiwis into the wild.

Added to this intimate view of one of the world's living treasures, you will also be able to experience the adrenalin rush of The Big Splash, explore our many free flight aviaries, feed the birds their breakfast, come face to face with pre-history in the eyes of our many tuatara, talk to Jenny the hand-reared kea, feed the largest wild trout you will ever see, experience the wonder of our bird show featuring some of the funniest feathered performers you will ever see.

Not only that, because your ticket is valid for repeat entry for the day of the purchase you can come back at night to listen to the bird calls and to watch the kiwi come out to play.

All of us here at Rainbow Springs are proud of the role we play in conserving many of the precious native species of New Zealand. That's why we put so much energy into ensuring that our beautiful nature park has a fun and friendly atmosphere. We would love to meet you and introduce to a few of the locals.

  • Access to the Bird Show (must arrive at least 15mins before show time and subject to availability)
  • Entry fee includes unlimited access to The Big Splash ride
  • Entry to static educational display and kiwi nocturnal house at Kiwi Encounter (Behind the Scenes not included).
  • If you want to take the behind the scenes Kiwi Hatchery tour then we suggest booking ticket code TRG-T221 which includes this option. Places are limited so we advise booking in advance.
  • If children are over 800mm tall then they can ride The Big Splash with an adult or if they are over 1100mm tall then they can go on their own.

Experience Schedule Options

   start time    end time
Entry any time 08:30 21:00

Activity Ticket Charges

Adult price     NZ $40.00
Child price (3 to 15 yrs)     NZ $20.00

    What are the operating hours?

Every day between 8.30am and 9pm.

    Is the cost of riding on The Big Splash included in the entry fee?

Yes - the entry fee entitles you to ride on The Big Splash as many times as you want but at the end of each ride you must re-join at the end of the queue.

    Will I get wet?

There is a chance you will get wet on the splash down.

    My kids will be with me - what are the height restrictions?

If they are over 800mm tall then they can go with an adult or if they are over 1100mm tall then they can go on their own.

    How long is the ride?

It is 9 minutes long.

    What angle is descent to Splashdown?

The angle of the Splashdown is 45 degrees.

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What You Say

What you say ...

I love parks, zoos, etc but I've never seen so much fish in one, ever. It's still a great place to visit. Seen animals I didn't know existed. Kiwi is the main attraction, never knew they were so tiny. The park is gorgeous & well looked after. Even has a little log ride.

What You Say