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Four ladies in the mud bathing pools Hells Gate Spa and Mud Bathing Spa and Mud pools at Hells Gate Lady in pools at Hells Gate New Spa pools at Hells Gate Mud bathing fun at Hells Gate

Hells Gate Spa & Mud Bathing TRG-4 Alternative

Try the mud bathing option.

A unique Experience - the historic MUD BATH AND SULPHUR SPA where Maori have been bathing in the geothermal muds and sulphur waters for more than 700 years. This ticket replaces the Hells Gate walk with Mud bathing on tour TRG-4.

TRG-T079 | Adults NZ $40.00 | Children NZ $17.50


You will see

  • The famous Hells Gate mud bathing

If you have booked this 'alternative' option as part of the Rotorua Te Puia and Hells Gate tour TRG-4, then this will replace the usually included geothermal park walk allowing the overall tour plan to be completed within the usual 8 hours.

When arriving at Hells Gate, you will go directly to the Spa and Mud bathing area to change into bathing clothes for this unique experience.

Immerse yourself in the mud bathing pools, relaxing for up to 30 minutes as the soothing properties of this natural product works wonders on your skin.

Then a clean down in the showers before finally relaxing in the Soda spa pools, looking out across the wonderful landscape of Hells Gate. You feel totally relaxed after this experience.

  • Access to the Mud Bathing and Spa baths
Not Included
  • Bathing cloths or towels - these can be hired
  • You will not have access to the Hells Gate geothermal park when you take this option.
  • Bring your own bathing clothes and towel if you do not want to hire them.
  • This "alternative" option to our Rotorua Hells Gate tour TRG-4 will replace the geothermal park walk, allowing you to enjoy the mud bathing and spa experience within the standard tour time. If you want to do both the mud bathing and the geothermal walk then you should book ticket code TRG-T078 for this option.

Experience Schedule Options

   start time    end time
Any time of day 00:00 00:00

Activity Ticket Charges

Adult price     NZ $40.00
Child price (3 to 15 yrs)     NZ $17.50

    If I take this option will I still see Hells Gate

You will not go on the full 1 hour Hells Gate walk through the geothermal landscape. You will some of the park from the Spa pools which overlook the Hells Gate geothermal area.

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