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Hells Gate Mud Bathing

Just enjoy the Mud and Spa at Hells Gate

If you want a unique experience, then you must try the Mud bathing at Hells Gate, set in one of the most active geothermal areas in Rotorua. Relax in the hot mud pools and then enjoy a soothing sulphur spa afterwards, overlooking "Hells Gate"

TRG-T076 | Adults NZ $75.00 | Children NZ $35.00 | Family NZ $185.00


Hells Gate geothermal attraction is the home to a unique Rotorua Spa Experience - The historic MUD BATH AND SULPHUR SPA experience where Maori have been bathing in the geothermal muds and sulphur waters of Tikitere for more than 700 years and European settlers have been for more than 150 years.

Hells Gate Spa is a historic spa experience which features the geothermal mud baths that replicate the historic mud baths of 150 years ago and still uses the silky smooth grey geothermal grey mud from the geothermal park; and the sulphur spas that use the sulphur water from our 'Hurutini" pool.

This historic spa experience, unique in the world, will leave your skin clean and soft to touch which can last up to 6 weeks after the spa experience due to the amazing properties endowed in the geothermal mud and sulphur water by mother nature.

Experience the relaxation of our historic spa experience and understand why people seek it out to ease muscle and joint pain in these curative pools.

  • Mud Bathing in the public areas
  • Sulphur Spa bathing
Not Included
  • Entry into the Hells Gate geothermal park
  • Please bring suitable bathing cloths and a towel with you. There are also towels available for hire should you forget.
  • There are strict health restrictions on persons taking the mud bathing option at Hells Gate. See their web site for details.

Experience Schedule Options

   start time    end time
Any time of day 00:00 00:00

Activity Ticket Charges

Adult price     NZ $75.00
Child price (3 to 15 yrs)     NZ $35.00
Family price (max adults 2 max children 2)     NZ $185.00

    Will I be able to see the geothermal landscape if I do this option

No, the Spa and Mud bathing ticket does not cover the geothermal vally tour, if you want to do this as well then you need to book ticket TRG-T077.

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I felt so relaxed after this is fell asleep on the way back to the ship, luckily I was not the driver!

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