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Hells Gate Hells Gate Boiling water pools Hells Gate Boiling water pools Four ladies in the mud bathing pools Fun in the mud pools at Hells Gate Spa and Bathing Pools at Hells Gate

Hells Gate Entry & Mud Bathing Combo

See geothermals and experience them for yourself

Hells Gate is a unique Rotorua Experience - the geothermal valley where Maori have bathed in the hot pools and mud for 100's of years, now you can as well. This historic spa experience, will leave your skin clean and soft to touch.

TRG-T077 | Adults NZ $90.00 | Children NZ $45.00 | Family NZ $215.00


You will see

  • Bubbling mud pools
  • Hells Gate Goethermal Park
  • Steaming geothermal lakes
  • Steaming hot water waterfalls

Hells Gate geothermal attraction is Rotorua's most active geothermal park and is known as the "AWESOME BEAST" of New Zealand Geothermal attractions. It features boiling hot pools and erupting waters with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Celsius; steaming fumaroles; hot water lakes; sulphur crystals and deposits; New Zealand's largest active mud volcano; Southern Hemisphere's largest hot water fall and even examples of land coral.

See, feel and understand the awe of Irish Playwright, George Bernard Shaw as he gazed upon the land and gave it the English name "Hellsgate" as he believed he had arrived at the gates to Hell. A primeval setting displaying the awesome RAW POWER of the earth and its geothermal nature.

Follow the footsteps of warriors old.through the swirling clouds of steam, past the pool where the Maori Princess, "Hurutini" lost her life for her people; see the violent geothermal activity of the "Inferno" with two erupting pools aptly named "Soddam" and "Gomorra" by George Bernard Shaw and then on to the "Kakahi Hot Water Fall, where warriors would return after battle to remove the "Tapu" of war and heal their wounds at the only Maori-owned area of geothermal in New Zealand.

The historic MUD BATH AND SULPHUR SPA experience where Maori have been bathing in the geothermal muds and sulphur waters of Tikitere for more than 700 years and European settlers have been for more than 150 years. Hells Gate Spa is a historic spa experience which features the geothermal mud baths that replicate the historic mud baths of 150 years ago and still uses the silky smooth grey geothermal grey mud from the geothermal park; and the sulphur spas that use the sulphur water from our 'Hurutini" pool.

This historic spa experience, unique in the world, will leave your skin clean and soft to touch which can last up to 6 weeks after the spa experience due to the amazing properties endowed in the geothermal mud and sulphur water by mother nature. Experience the relaxation of our historic spa experience and understand why people seek it out to ease muscle and joint pain in these curative pools.

  • Mud bathing and Spa pools
Not Included
  • Bathing togs and towels - can be hired

Experience Schedule Options

   start time    end time
Any time of day 00:00 00:00

Activity Ticket Charges

Adult price     NZ $90.00
Child price (3 to 15 yrs)     NZ $45.00
Family price (max adults 2 max children 2)     NZ $215.00

    How long will I need at the destination

You can walk through the park in an hour and then take an hour in the mud bathing and spa area, so 2 hours would be the minimum we suggest, though longer is fine if you want to really unwind in the spa pools.

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