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Agroventures Shweeb Rotorua Agroventures Shweeb Rotorua

Agroventures Shweeb

The world's ONE and ONLY!

Want to try something absolutely unique? Then get your race face on, lie down and pedal as fast as you can! This is one of the world's most efficient human-powered machines - suspended aerodynamic racing pods! You can race at up to 50kph.

TRG-T025 | Adults NZ $49.00 | Children NZ $49.00


You will see

  • A view of the future - will this be how we all get around in 20 years time?
  • The world whizzing by.
  • Your opponent pass above and beneath you.

Ride runs by request.

You can race at up to 50kph (30mph) against the clock, your friends or foes in a 600m race.

The bullet-shaped recumbent (meaning lie back) pods run under two inverse tracks that weave 200m long and ride 5m high. Feel the inertia as you swing around every corner and beat the rest to be the best!

For extra fun - team up with your friends for a tandem race or join forces against single racers to gain the winning edge.

Race and win prizes for breaking age and country records and have your name go on the Rail of Fame for all to see - or the biggie ...$1,000 cash if you can beat the current world record!

Then again, if that's too much like hard work just experience a gentle cruise and see the world from a different angle on the pedal -powered system that Google selected in 2010 as the most innovative in the world for future eco-friendly public transportation.

Perfect for kids 5yrs + (see minimum height requirements) and ALL adults. Younger children ( 5 years and under) can go on board with Parents.

Powered By: Your legs

Track length: 200m circular track (one race is 3 laps).

Top Speed: 50kmph / 30mph

Number of racers at one time: 1 – 4 people

Interesting facts: The name Shweeb is derived from the word 'Schwebe', which means 'hang' or 'suspend' in German. The Shweeb is a world-first and Agroventures Adventure Park is the only place to experience it.

Tips and Cheats: Lean into the corners, hands on knees, push hard from the start or lower your opponent’s expectations by wearing a fake plaster cast or bandage!

If you like: Any kind of competitive sport from tiddly winks to touch rugby, then this is for you!

  • 80km from Tauranga Port to Agroventures
  • Approx 1 hour 10 mins drive

Experience Schedule Options

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Book by request 09:00 17:00

Activity Ticket Charges

Adult price     NZ $49.00
Child price     NZ $49.00
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