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Aix Spa Therapy at the Polynesian Spa Rotorua Views onto Lake Rotorua Lake Spa Retreat at the Polynesian Spa Rotorua Relaxing Massage Relax Private Aix Water Massage Therapy at the Polynesian Spa Rotorua

45 minute Spa Treatment

Be pampered and feel special for the day!

Experience the unique Polynesian Spa with a 45 minute treatment. We have a range of services that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, and your muscles warm and relaxed. Each treatment includes entry to the Lake Spa Retreat.

TRG-T204 | Adults NZ $135.00


You will see

  • The Lake Spa Retreat and its lake side pools

When you check in to the Lake Spa Retreat this is the start of your Spa Experience that includes one of our special spa treatments provided by our experienced staff, a truly unforgettable world-class experience.

You would have selected your options in advance and the session booked at a time to suit your plan for the day. We suggest arriving one hour prior to your treatment time so that you can relax in the tranquil Lake Spa Retreat and enjoy soaking in the spa pools that have stunning views across the lake.

You can select from two types of massage:

1. The Aix Spa Therapy is designed to combine jets of warm water with a relaxation massage to rejuvenate and revitalize the mind and body. We use different oils and natural ingredients to immerse you into total relaxation. Choose from these scrubs, Rotorua thermal mud polish, Manuka honey walnut polish or a Coconut or mango sugar rub

2. The "standard massage" is offered with either a "mud" or "honey" option and are given in the "dry" massage rooms. This option can be taken as a couple in our double massage rooms.

Follwowing your massage therapy you can return to the Lake Spa retreat to relax in the lakeside pools or perhaps enjoy a light snack at our cafe before returning to your cruise ship.

Please indicate if you want the "wet" or "dry" massage when booking.

  • Entry to the exclusive Lake Spa Retreat
  • The Spa Therapy of your choice, advise when booking
  • Towels, Robes and a secure locker
  • In order to allow enough time for your pre-therapy consultation and soak, we advise you to come in at least one hour prior to your treatment so that you can fully engage yourself with this unique spa therapy experience.
  • Single and Dual occupancy rooms are available, please specify when booking which is preferred. Aix therapy can only be provided in Single rooms.
  • There are 2 types of treatment you can request, the AIX treatment is given in a "wet" room, under jets of warm water [there are 3 options, Rotorua thermal mud polish, Manuka honey walnut polish or the Coconut or mango sugar rub]
    The standard massage is offered with either a "mud" or "honey" option, these are provided in the "dry" massage rooms and can be taken as a couple in our double massage rooms. Please indicate if you want the "wet" or "dry" massage when booking.
  • We also have the Signature 60 minute massage options available, see the TRG-T203 listing on our site.
  • We ask that you arrive on time for your booking to fully enjoy the Spa and your booked therapy; however, a late arrival will result in the booking being shortened accordingly and the full price for the booked service being charged.
  • We have both male and female spa therapists, so you can make a request for either but this will depend on availability on the day.
  • Aix therapies are not available in our Dual Rooms
  • On occasion certain medical conditions or heath issues restrict guests receiving a therapy. Please advise us on booking of any health issues, allergies or injuries.
  • Spa therapies for young adults aged between 16 and 18 years may be provided in our dual spa therapy rooms with a parent or legal guardian also taking the treatments.

Experience Schedule Options

   start time    end time
From 10am to 7pm 10:00 19:00

Activity Ticket Charges

Adult price     NZ $135.00

    What options are there for this 45 minute session?

You can choose either the "wet" or "dry" massage options and each come with a choice of oils and scrubs. We also have longer duration massage sessions if you want.

    What if I can not arrive the suggested one hour prior to my massage time?

This is not a problem, you would just change and go direct to your therapy room once you had booked in and changed. The booking time for the massage must be kept to though.

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