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A surfing and wind surfers playground.

Geraldton is located 424 kilometres (263 mi) north of Perth. The town is an important service centre for regional mining, fishing, wheat, sheep and tourism industries. The explorer George Grey, passed over the future site of Geraldton on 7 April 1839. A decade later, explorer Augustus Gregory travelled through the area where he discovered lead on t ....

Geraldton is the capital of Western Australia's Mid West region and the gateway to the amazing Abrolhos Islands. Only 424km north of Perth, the beautiful leisurely drive can now be enjoyed up the coast along the Indian Ocean Drive or a one hour flight will get you here even quicker!

The town is perched on a spectacular coastline, with to the west, rolling hills and breakaway ranges to the east, whilst the Chapman and Greenough Rivers frame this unique city to the north and south. The superb positioning and Mediterranean climate make Geraldton a truly perfect place to visit.

Though many European maritime explorers encountered or were even wrecked on the Houtman Abrolhos islands 60 kilometres (37 miles) west of Geraldton during the 17th and 18th centuries, there is no evidence that any made landfall near the site of the current town.

The explorer George Grey, while on his second disastrous expedition along the Western Australian coast, passed over the future site of Geraldton on 7 April 1839. A decade later, explorer Augustus Gregory travelled through the area and he discovered lead on the Murchison River. The Geraldine mine was subsequently established, named after the 4th governor of Western Australia Charles Fitzgerald. The town of Geraldton was gazetted in 1850, also named after Governor Fitzgerald.

The winters are mild, the summers are cool due to the regular seabreeze, autumn is balmy and spring is bursting with blooming wildflowers.

Geraldton is the hub of the Mid West region, with a world leading rock lobster fishery, farming and agriculture and the production of iron ore, making it a truly thriving and sustainable regional city. World renowned for an extensive host of water sports, the area offers some of the most spectacular kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing and diving conditions.

Geraldton lies in the transition zone between a Mediterranean and a semi-arid climate. In the winter, the temperature is rather mild, averaging around 20c (68f), with most of the yearly rainfall falling in this period. This is due to cold fronts from Antarctica moving up and hitting the coast. In the summer months, Geraldton averages 31-32c (88-90f), with some days over 40c (104f). High pressure in the Great Australia Bight sends warm easterly winds to Geraldton and a west-coast trough is formed. Hot weather generally persists for a few days as the trough moves inland. Daily afternoon sea breezes cool coastal areas and summer temperatures in coastal suburbs of Geraldton (Tarcoola, Bluff Point, Seacrest) are generally cooler than in inland suburbs, such as Strathalbyn, Woorree and Deepdale.

    Is Geraldton a tendering port?

Yes, 99% of ships visiting Geraldton will tender in Champion Bay and passengers are then taken by tender into Batavia Coast Marina. Ship’s berthing in Port are the exception.

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