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Shore Trips and Tours

Save money over the cruise lines own shore excursion program as well as travel in much smaller groups. We offer passengers on cruise ships a range of small group shared tours in most of the ports of call in New Zealand and Australia. We have a great selection to suit all interests and budgets, from general sightseeing, geothermal sights, Maori culture, adventure and special interest tours.

We include the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch, Akaroa and Dunedin in New Zealand. In Australia we currently offer Hobart, Burnie, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Cairns and more tours and activities will be added in the other ports that you see listed on our web site in the coming weeks.

Even if you are travelling as just a couple, you can still find others to share your shore excursions with, check out our "Tour Share" feature. Once you have registered on the site you can then view "tour share" posts from others on your cruise and also create your own postings.

For passengers on Cruise ships visiting New Zealand and Australia, we offer a range of Private small group tours. From luxury Rolls Royce limousines, stretch limousnes and premium grade minibuses and coaches, we can cater for groups from 2 to 50 persons.

Our experienced tour consultants can create an itinerary to suit your interest and budget, from our minimum tour time of 4 hours to a full day.

We offer private tours in the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch, Akaroa and Dunedin in New Zealand. In Australia we currently offer Hobart, Burnie, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns.

For groups wanting a fully inclusive tour plan, we have an increasing number of "Group Tours". These are priced according to the number of persons in the group [from 2 to 50] so you can easily see what options suit you and the total cost based on your particular group size.

If the itinerary or activity that you are interested in is not listed on our web site then please contact us and we will create one to suit.

Group tours are available in the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch, Akaroa and Dunedin in New Zealand. In Australia we currently offer Hobart, Burnie, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns.

We are now offering self drive rental cars in a number of ports in New Zealand for passengers on cruise ships.

In many ports we have a selection of cars available for self-drive so look at the port of call page to see the options or search for "self drive tours" in the "interest " search box. Cars can be supplied with GPS so you will be able to find your destinations easily.

We can also pre book your activity tickets so all is ready when you arrive at the port of call to collect your rental car.

For cruise ship passengers who would like to experience the ports of call from a different perspective, we now offer an increasing range of fixed wing and helicopter flight seeing options.

Using fully certified passenger flight operators, you can now book anything from a short 5 minute flight "experience' up to a full day "flying adventure".

Select from a range of options that could include fixed wing modern aircraft, vintage biplanes, World War 2 aircraft or modern day jets.

For cruise ship passengers visiting New Zealand and Australia you can now pre-purchase all of your destination activity tickets in advance.

Ports of call we cover include the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch, Akaroa and Dunedin in New Zealand.

In Australia we currently offer options in Hobart, Burnie, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns. we will be adding new tours and activities in the other ports of call in Australia in the coming weeks.

These will include Albany, Brisbane, Broome, Bunbury, Cooktown, Darwin, Newcastle, Freemantle, Townsville, Yorkeys Knob and Peneshaw.

So if you are travelling independently by self drive rental car, have a look at the "tickets" tab on each port to see what you could do.

    What if my ships arrival or departure time conflicts with the tour times?

We arrange most of the tours just for cruise ship passengers so we adjust the tour start and end times to suit.

If the ship is arriving after the advised tour start time, then please come of the ship as soon as you can to meet your guide who will update you on the new start time.

If your ship is departing the port less than 1 hour after the usual end time of the tour, we will usually bring the tour start time forward, so that the tour ends at least one hour prior to the ships departure. Again you should come of the ship ASAP to meet the guide and get an updated start time.

There are a few tours that have fixed departure times that can not be moved, in such cases we will advise you of this when booking. This also applies to activities which are booked for a specific time, such as Jet Boating or Bungee Jumping.

    What if the ship is unable to make a port of call ?

It is very rare that a ship is unable to make a port of call. In the event that this occurs a full refund will be provided back to your credit card. If your tour was booked through an agent and not directly with us, then you should contact your agent.

    How many people will be on a tour ?

Most of our tours are "small group" tours, usually no more than 10 or 12 persons. We offer some tours that are very popular and these may have up to 24 persons on the tour. As we do not know until a few days prior to the tour date how many people will book a particular tour then we can not guarantee the size of the group, but large tour numbers are very uncommon. Often tours will run with the minimum number, just 4 or 6 persons.

    How will I find my tour guide ?

When you make a booking you will be sent detailed instructions on how to meet your tour guide. These will be written on your Voucher. In some ports our guides will be close to the ship, often at the base of the gangway, holding a Shore Trips name board with either the tour letter code [ TRG-1 ] or your own name displayed. In some ports, independent tour guides and vehicles have to wait in designated locations to meet passengers not on the official cruise line tours [not cruise line arranged]. In such cases you will have clear instructions on how to meet them. You will also be provided with the name of the local tour company, something that many other booking web site do not tell you. If you have any difficulty then you will have a local contact number provided or you can call the Shore Trips information line in New Zealand.

    I am in a large group on the cruise, can you cater for us ?

Most of our tour groups are for small groups of 10 or 12 persons. However we can cater for large groups of up to 100 persons and have a lot of experience with tours suitable for large groups. Each itinerary would be tailored to suit the groups interest and size, as often many of our small group tour itineraries are not suitable for larger groups. Please contact us for details. You can see some existing "group" itineraries on the "Groups" tab for each port.

    How will the tour cost in NZ $ be charged to my credit card.

Our tours in New Zealand are priced in NZ $ and this will be converted to your own credit card currency by your bank. As these rates do fluctuate then you could see a difference to the cost if you select your own currency from the 5 optional currencies. The tours in Australia are loaded to the database in Australian dollars, this rate will be converted to the current NZ$ rate on the day you make the booking.

    What happens to my money when I book a tour in advance of the cruise, is it safe

Yes it is secure. When you book a tour the money you pay in advance is held in a separate "clients account", this is then transferred to our trading account only when the tour takes place.
The interest this money earns is paid as a donation to our local charity, The Waipuna Hospice, so your money is also helping us support this very worthwhile Tauranga organisation.

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Hi, Just wanted to give a big Thumbs Up to your company. We booked 7 shore tours prior to our recent cruise aboard the Dawn Princess. Each of tours was wonderful, the drivers/guides knowledgable and courteous. We couldn't have been happier. Kind Regards, Dawn Graff November 2015
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Latest News

You can now book tours for the 2016/17 season as we have loaded the next seasons ports of call itineraries for all ships visiting New Zealand and Australia plus we are busy updating and adding new tour options in all ports.

As of the 18th April 2016 over 13000 passengers have pre-booked and taken their shore excursions with us this season in New Zealand and Australia!

We have just been awarded a "Certificate of Excellence award for 2015 by Trip Advisor, confirming our position as a leading tour provider.

If you find the text on our site too small to read, you can use use the "CTRL" and the "+" keys together to enlarge the view.

Just added an "email a friend" feature on each of the Tour information pages, so its now easy to let your cruise buddies see what tours you are interested in booking.

TRIP ADVISOR now rate us as number 1 in Mount Maunganui [Tauranga], so thank you to all our clients who have posted reviews.

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